Rules & Regulations

The 8th Asia Pacific Youth Basketball Cup (SINGAPORE) will follow FIBA rules with modification as follows;

Timing for all games except for first place and third place Finals (which will be fully stopped 8 minute games) will be 4 x 10 minutes quarters with one timeout of one minute per quarter per team. Clock will stop in the last two minutes of last quarter.

  • Time outs will not be allowed to carry over to subsequent quarters.

  • There is no 24 second clock in any games.

  • Defense for U13 Boys and Girls must be man to man defense. (No zone traps allowed but double teaming allowed)

  • Defense for U15 & U18 Boys and Girls can play zone or man to man defense.

  • Any overtime will be 3 extra minutes only.

  • Ball sizes will be size 6 for all U13, U15 & U18 girls and U13 boys with size 7 for U15 & U18 Boys.

Tournament Format

Teams will be competing in a round robin format in each age group pools followed by playoff matches (Quarter, Semi-finals & Finals).

3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a loss.